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27.07 04:29 - The Three Kings of Runescape kept these keys
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Forest: You can create pitfall traps in this area, but you should also plant weeds. You can also gather them by using a rake to get to your base. You can only have one pitfall in this area. If you"re 55 or older, hunting You can also make use of logs to create traps for mancatchers.   Ruins: Floor spikes can be created by using hammers and iron bars taken from your base. To create an enchantment spot trap, you can use your magical level. A obelisk and altar in the Ruins allow you to summon your familiars. These levels are not required to be equipped with shards or pouches.   There are a lot of giants that roam the battlefield in the form of creatures. If you are in control of a specific area of the battlefield you are able to ride the creatures and tame them. If you"re a mage or ranger, this is helpful because you can mix the creature"s melee statistics with your long-distance shots. If you have any objections, you can still utilize horses from the base to speed up your progress. When riding on horses you aren"t able to make use of melee.   The Fortress The fortress itself has some unique features. It also houses an armour table, as we mentioned earlier and a fully equipped kitchen. It is possible to create various meals in the kitchen based upon the random ingredients you find. The cooking levels of your team decide this. You can expect raw sea turtles if you"re team is cooking at 90+. You don’t even have to cook cabbage if your level is 5 or less.

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